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November 22, 2016



Members of Provincial Parliament Unite to Help Ontarians Breathe with Ease


Members of Provincial Parliament Unite to Help Ontarians Breathe with Ease

Toronto (November 22, 2016)- Today, the  Lung Health Act, will  be introduced by  MPPs McMeekin, Yurek and  Gelinas  in the  Ontario legislature. The tripartite Private Members Bill (PMB) calls  for  the  establishment of a Lung Health Advisory Council and  the  development of a Lung Health Action Plan that will  provide a coordinated approach to how  lung  disease is prevented and  treated in our  province.

Of the  four  chronic diseases responsible for  four  in five  deaths in Ontario-- cancer, cardiovascular  disease, lung disease and  diabetes -- lung disease is the  only  one  without a dedicated province-wide strategy, this  despite the  ever-increasing human and  economic burden of respiratory illness in Ontario.

"Thanks to the  passion and hard work of the  Hon.  Kathryn McGarry, MPP McMeekin, MPP Yurek and  MPP Gelinas,  we now have  a blueprint for  a coordinated approach that  will  prevent lung disease, improve patient  outcomes and  save health-care dollars," said  George Habib, president and  CEO of The Lung Association - Ontario.

Among the  Bill's  recommended priority actions:

• Establish a Lung Health Advisory Council that will  make recommendations to the  Minister of Health and  Long-Term Care  on lung health issues;

• Develop and  implement an Ontario Lung Health Action Plan respecting research, prevention, diagnosis and  treatment of  lung  disease;

• Require the  Minister of Health to consider the  recommendations and  reports of the  Lung Health Advisory Council to make improvements in lung health awareness, diagnosis, treatment and  care.

An  original version of the  bill was introduced by  then Member of Provincial Parliament KathrynMcGarry in 2014, but "died on the  order table" following prorogation in September 2016.

"I am  honoured to partner with The Lung Association to further advance important research and  a co-ordinated strategy to move lung health issues  forward. We  appreciate the  ongoing and  wonderful advocacy of The Lung Association, to ensure that all Ontarians breathe with ease." Ted McMeekin, MPP  Ancaster-Dundas-Fiamborough-Westdale, Former President, Hamilton-Wentworth Lung Association.

"I look  forward to the  day  when the  Lung Health Act  becomes a reality, and  Ontarians have access to a strategy including health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis, earlyintervention and  treatment and  care.  We  have waited far too long." MPP France Gelinas, NickelBelt, NDP Health and Long-term Care Critic.

"I am  pleased to co-sponsor this  common sense  Private Members Bill  with my  colleagues.  This bill will  establish a Lung Health Advisory Council that will  make recommendations to the Minister of  Health. A year  and  a half  ago  my  Private Member's Bill, Ryan's Law  was passed into law  requiring schools and  school boards to adhere to a provincial standard when designing asthma policies making asthma friendly schools across the  province. Lung health is important and  I  am pleased to see the  introduction of this  bill." Jeff Yurek, MPP, Elgin-Middlesex­ London, PC Health Critic.

The  proposed Ontario Lung Health Action Plan provides solutions from prevention through to early  identification, treatment, policies and  research.  The recommendations in the  plan  align strongly with the  mandate of the  Minister of  Health and  Long-term Care- increasing access to care  for  those who  need  it most through Patients First: Action Plan  for Health Care.

"The 1 in 5 Ontarians who live  with chronic respiratory disease, and  the  millions more who  love and  care  for  them, deserve nothing less," said  Dr.  John Granton, past-chair of The  Lung Association - Ontario. "The  Lung Association, in consultation with more than 60 stakeholders, has drafted a provincial action plan that will  save money and  save  lives."


Breathing. It's  what unites us. It's what inspires us. And it's what keeps us pushing ahead, whether it's searching for  cures to lung diseases, helping people to quit smoking and  ensuring that children never start, or  fighting for  clean  air.

The Lung Association is the  leading organization working to promote lung health and  prevent and  manage lung  disease.  We  do this  by  funding vital research, pushing for improved treatments and  better policies, and  helping patients manage their health.

Along with our  health professional partners, the  Ontario Thoracic Society and  the  Ontario Respiratory Care Society, we are  the  go-to resource for  patients, their families, caregivers, health professionals and the  general community. We  might come from different places and bring different talents to the  table, but  we are all here  for  the  same  reason: to ensure that no one  has to ever  struggle to breathe.



Chris Yaccato
Provincial Manager
Government Relations & Public Affairs
Lung Association
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Nathan Shaw
Executive Assistant
Parliamentary Assistant to the  Premier
MPP Ted McMeekin
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 Shelly Martel
Executive Assistant to MPP France Gelinas           
Nickel Belt
NDP  Health and  Long-Term Care  Critic
T) 416-325-9203
Alexandra Robinson
Legislative Assistant to MPP Jeff  Yurek
PC Critic of  Health
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